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What do the following words have in common: zipper, mad/max, hip/hop, agnostic, werewolf, mindbomb, tigger, brokenheart and zinc finger? They’re all names of genes.

DNA databases, designer babies, GM foods, genes “for” this trait or that, the human genome, evolution — they’re all in the headlines. Genetic screening and paternity tests already affect many people’s family lives. Genomics is everywhere. You could almost say it’s in our DNA…

Writers’ Bloc is proud to present another night of literary mayhem featuring original stories that give the double helix an extra twist. Expect genetically modified footballers, an investigation of whether death is an acquired trait and something that can only be described as Gattaca for neds…

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum Writers in Residence Ken MacLeod and Pippa Goldschmidt will be special guest performers for the evening. The show will also feature all-new fiction by the usual Writers’ Bloc suspects, of course.

It’s a welcome return to the Pleasance Cabaret Bar (60 the Pleasance) on Thursday 2nd July, entry three pounds (two for concessions). The show starts at 7:45 for 8:00 pm and there will be free drinks sponsored by the Genomics Forum for those who turn up sharp!

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