So I’m guessing you know I like writing. It’s something I’ve been chipping away at for a number of years and in the last year or so have finally started to have some publishing success –  nothing like the publishing success of some of my more talented comrades of course (the bastards). But like the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter. It’s a slow burn. I sometimes regret not going into DJing or something like that instead – basically a talent where you can just repeat the same thing show after show and not bother your arse doing any real work (I’m sure that’s unfair to DJs). Sadly writing isn’t like that at all. There are tonnes of talented writers out there, and the only way you get anywhere in this game is perseverance and determination. And a good bunch of like-minded writers for support doesn’t do any harm.

I’ve got Writers’ Bloc (and its bizarrely named critting group), the East Coast Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction Writers Group. I think that’s what it’s called. Not that it restricts itself to genre fiction, so it’s a bit of a misnomer.  A talented bunch of writers who regularly get together to crush each others egos, and more importantly, offer constructive advice on all things writery.  I would have given up years ago if it wasn’t for these guys and gals, so hats off to them.

I’m not going to go on about who I am, what colour my eyes are, and what my goldfish is called (he doesn’t have a name – he’s a confirmed bachelor). I’m sure my sad-sack personality will come out clear as mustard gas throughout this site. So beware, and be forewarned. And Mam, if you got this far, please don’t be too offended by the shite you read and see here. I’m a good lad really.

Stefan Pearson