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Punk’s not dead


But its audiences are getting thinner. Especially at Bannerman’s last night. Which is a real shame cos both bands rocked. I was there to see may mates’ band The Acid Fascists. They are as ugly as their name sounds.  Fast-as-fuck minimalist surf punk. I never tire of hearing Crash Test Dummy, Up Against the Wall Muthafucka and my particular favourite, the love ballad Nice Night For a Knife Fight. You get the picture. The boys were a little peeved and made a few wee gaffs, but fuck’s sake, nobody cared, it’s punk. They are getting on (aren’t we all) and the lights were very dim. They couldn’t see their guitars properly.

After the Acid Fascists there was, bizarrely, a bit of burlesque. More burlish to be honest. A bit cringeworthy. Couldn’t help but be reminded of Paul Baron’s erotic night in The Club from Bang Bang Reeves and Mortimer. If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean.

The headliners were a Belfast duo who were fucking great. The Bonnevilles. Really nice punk blues. They felt to me like a mix of the White Stripes, Motorhead and The Cramps. They were so good I bought their CD. My favourite was God May Love Me (but he don’t know me like the Devil does). They are playing again (with the Acid Fascists) through in Glasgow tonight, so I’d recommend getting your arse through there is this is your kinda thing.

Stefan Pearson

Show me the munny

blank munny

So I was in the Weeg the other day and decided to pop into FP. Bought a blank munny on a whim. Was excited by the prospect of the mystery accessory. Got back to my desk to the looks of bemusement from my colleagues (I tried my best to explain designer toys and modding). And guess what it came with? An axe. Sweet. Some greater power knows me too well. So now I have to decide what I’m going to turn the little guy into. Watch this space.

Stefan Pearson