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Last Wednesday (8th April) Bloc did a show at Tepooka‘s Big Red Door venue as part of their Festival of Fooling. I know the group from way back when I shared a flat with Mark Oxbrow, one of the main movers behind the Beltane back in the days when it was as mental as it ought to be.  They’ve made really good use of the space and the outfit is both professional and genial. All in all a great venue and one we may look into using again. Nice bunch of folk. It even has a bar (though Kronenberg and Stella were conspicuously absent). In keeping with the fooling theme, our show was billed as unreliable narratives. Performing were Andrew J Wilson, Andrew Ferguson, Morag Edwards, Gavin Inglis, Jack Deighton (a rare treat) and me.

The show went down very well and the audience were appreciative and game. Highlights for me were Jack’s tale of a young girl coming of age on a future Mars barren of male progeny. Uncomfortable stuff in places, and a credit to Jack that he managed to portray a naive young girl whilst being a beardy middle-aged Chemistry teacher.  Also highly enjoyable was a piece by Andrew Wilson that featured Andrew Ferguson as himself as a cameo. Very entertaining.  I read a short extract from my as yet unfinished children’s novel The Incredible Mr Wheeze. I went down well, but the scene was set in a road protestors’ camp in some woods. Playing to the audience somewhat.

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