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Late October is traditionally the time of year when our ancestors huddled closer to the fireside, glancing fearfully now and then at the rattling door lest the storm outside was about to unleash some frightful creature of the night upon them.

Well, never mind all that bollocks. This is the 21st century, after all, and the thing to do at Halloween is huddle round your pint, as those creatures of the night Writers’ Bloc read tales of mayhem and immoderate threat in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar.

This outing does promise a more feminine — if not necessarily softer — side of Bloc than usual, with Morag Edward, Jane McKie and new comrade Kirsti Wishart all presenting new stories for your delectation.

All this plus the usual undead European white males. We can’t promise you the crème de la crème, but perhaps the crème de la slime …

Writers appearing at The Slime of Miss Jean Brodie will include: Stefan Pearson, Morag Edward, Jane McKie, Kirsti Wishart, Andrew C. Ferguson, Andrew J. Wilson and Gavin Inglis.

8pm, Thursday 29th October, Pleasance Cabaret Bar, 60 The Pleasance, Edinburgh. Admission £3 for the crème de la crème or £2 concessions.

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